Urban Treasures Condo Price List

Here are the unit sizes and approximate prices for Urban Treasures.


Developer Pricing Chart (Nett Price)


TypeArea Size (From)Area Size (To)Price (From)Price (To)Available UnitsTotal Units
1 Bedroom452 sqft452 sqftFully SoldFully Sold023
1 Bedroom Premium474 sqft517 sqftFully SoldFully Sold025
2 Bedroom Classic635 sqft657 sqftFully SoldFully Sold081
2 Bedroom Premium700 sqft721 sqftFully SoldFully Sold014
3 Bedroom Classic883 sqft883 sqftFully SoldFully Sold048
3 Bedroom Premium1,0,12 sqft1,012 sqftFully SoldFully Sold036
4 Bedroom Premium1,270 sqft1,270 sqftFully SoldFully Sold010


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